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Welcome to Hop-O-Nose Boat Club Catskill, New York

The establishment of Hop-O-Nose Boat Club, Inc. is to provide a non-working social organization for the pleasure of its members. To promote and support boating, boating safety and to use the waters and shores wisely for the betterment of all. To that end, the Club shall encourage the exchange of ideas and information among boaters and seek to provide an atmosphere of camaraderie among its members, other Boating Clubs and its members. Our club is a member of the Mohawk-Hudson Council of Yacht Clubs.

The name “Hop-O-Nose” is the name of the Indian Tribe that settled the area around Hop-O-Nose Marina and means “Love of Water”. Hence the name Hop-O-Nose Boat Club, because our members love the water.

Unlike most Yacht/Boat Clubs, Hop-O-Nose Boat Club, Inc. is a non-working social club with the emphasis on Social. We have no responsibility for the operation of our host marina, although we maintain a good relationship with the marina operators.