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Membership consists of Individual and Family Membership and is available to any person over the age of eighteen (18) who shares a genuine interest in boating. Dues are $85.00 for an Individual and $100.00 for a Family membership plus a one time $50.00 initiation fee. Dues and initiation fees are due with your application. All applicants will be interviewed by the Board of Governors and when approved, will be voted in at the next membership meeting and given a Club Burgee.

Hop-O-Nose Boat Club, Inc.

Membership Application


Individual: $85.00 | Family: $100.00 | Initiation Fee: $50.00

As a Member I/We agree to uphold the Bylaws of Hop-O-Nose Boat Club, Inc.

I/We will receive a copy of these bylaws when I/We are approved for membership.